InnoVenton Analytical offers a range of chemical tests for determining the quality of drinking water and effluent analysis. Tailor made packages can be designed to meet the needs of each customer depending on the nature of the water sample presented.


Water Testing Services

  • Drinking water Testing SANS 241
  • Storm water and Effluent Analysis
  • Irrigation and Borehole water

Water and Effluent Testing Capabilities

  • Appearance (A description of substance)
  • pH
  • Conductivity (EC)
  • Turbidity
  • Effluent to the sewer according to ByLaw 14 May 2012
  • Effluent according to Schedule K
  • Water (borehole water, human and animal use, portability, irrigation, drinking water):
    • pH, EC
    • Hardness (Ca, Mg), Na, K, Cu, Fe, Mn, HCO3, CO3, Chlorides, TDS
    • Nitrates, Nitrites, Sulphate, Coliforms, E. Coli, TBPC
    • Total bacterial plate count
  • Euro GAP
  • Extraction:
    • Oil & grease
    • Ether extraction
  • IC (Metrohm): Anions
  • Permanganate Value
  • Potability in water (shortened SANS: Coliforms, EC, pH, hardness (Ca, Mg), chlorides, nitrates, nitrites, sulphates, Cu, Fe, Mn, Na)
  • SANS 241
  • Schedule K
  • Settleable Solids (TDS, TSS)
  • Storm water analysis (coliforms, COD, pH, EC, OP, NH4 as N, Cl, NO2 and NO3 as N, SS, Oil and Grease, As, Cd, Cr(IV), Cu, Cn, Fe, Pb, Mn, Hg, Se, B, Zn)
  • Titrando 888 (Metrohm; Determination of chlorides in complex mixtures.)


If you are a first time customer please consider the following when sending us your sample:

Documents required:

1) For individuals, please bring/send us a Certified copy of your ID.

2) For Companies requesting test work, please send us a copy of your Company registration. 

3) A completed CCF Form (which can be attached to your email request).  See CCF document to download.


Water Sample Requirements:

Water Potability

- minimum of 1litre.

- taken within 24 hours of sampling.

- sample must be stored in a sterilised clean bottle (clean glass bottle rinsed 3 times with boiling water).

- samples must be submitted Monday to Wednesday between 08h00 and 16h00.


Effluent and Storm water

- minimum of 1Litre

- taken within 24 hours of sampling (should bacteria analysis be required)


Other samples

Please provide the documents as requested above and contact us for sample size and submission requirements.



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