Raceway-photo-bioreactor cultivation system (Bioflumereactor)

What is a Bioflumereactor?

A fully integrated microalgae raceway and vertical column photo-bioreactor system for the efficient, large-scale cultivation of microalgae.

How does a Bioflumereactor work?

Microalgae growth medium is circulated from the raceway section of the photo-bioreactor during active photosynthetic periods through the vertical column photo-bioreactor elements, where CO2-enriched air is supplied to the system. Overflow from the vertical columns back into the raceway section ensures a high and consistent supply of dissolved CO2 throughout the entire cultivation system.

Advantages of a Bioflumereactor?

A bioflumereactor has a number of advantages over current microalgae cultivation systems:

-Relative low capex requirements (compared to full photo-bioreactor systems)
-High productivity (by elimitating carbon-limited growth conditions
and increasing available surface area for light capturing)
-Ease of operation.