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InnoVenton and The Downstream Chemicals Technology Station


BASF South Africa invests in CPT Program at InnoVenton


BASF has generously donated R100 000 towards a Scada Process Logic Controller (PLC) control system at InnoVenton.  The system will be used to train the next generation of Chemical Process Operators and forms part of the Kilolab capability at the Institute.

Port Elizabeth Site Director of BASF’s Mobile Emissions Catalysts Division, Paul Allday said that the Chemical Process Technology Program at InnoVenton “gives students skills and knowledge to move with industry trends”. 

BASF has sponsored 14 students and has been involved with InnoVenton at the Nelson Mandela University since 2013.  This year the  company has appointed a former CPT student and three students are working as temps at the Port Elizabeth site.

“Investing in Education is part of BASF’s global strategy”….Paul Allday.

Dr Gary Dugmore and Dr Shawn Gouws thanked BASF for their ongoing support to the program and the valuable contributions made that provide students with new opportunities.

In the photograph above from left to right:  Anathi Nongayiyana, Dr Shawn Gouws, Sitembiso Mbane, Mr Paul Allday, Dr Gary Dugmore, and Ludwe Ngodwana