Process and Formulation Chemists at InnoVenton deliver a Hand Sanitiser to the Nelson Mandela University.

InnoVenton has produced its first batch of 200 litres of sanitiser for the Nelson Mandela University, within two working days.  The sanitiser meets the standard requirement of having a 70% alcohol content, to be effective.

 The sanitiser is being produced in InnoVenton’s Kilo Lab pilot plant, which is readily equipped for the synthesis of chemicals as well as distillation of flammable solvents, such as alcohols.

Hand sanitiser formulation, production and logistics was carried out by, InnoVenton staff from left, technician JJ de Jongh, product developer Dr Nicole Vorster, facilities manager Dr Melissa Gouws, intern Hlumelo Mji and acting director Dr Gary Dugmore.

The first batches of the sanitiser are being decanted so that staff who man key entrances can spray the hands of staff, students and visitors using the university.  It is still important for all of us to practice good handwashing routines.