Technical Support to SME's who would like to manufacture hand sanitiser.


InnoVenton DCTS is a Technology Station located within the Faculty of Science at Nelson Mandela University and is funded under the TIA/DSI Technology Stations program, our Station has its industry focus on the Downstream Chemicals Sector. The Technology Stations primarily focus on assisting Industry and particularly SMME’s. We are therefore well placed and mandated to provide technical assistance to potential manufacturers and start up manufacturers of alcohol based hand rub sanitiser where it falls within our capability and capacity.

InnoVenton: Downstream Chemical Technology Station has received many enquiries regarding the availability and manufacturing of alcohol based hand rub sanitiser following the outbreak of Covid 19. Since late March, InnoVenton has manufactured 3500L of hand rub sanitiser in its kilo laboratory facility for use by the Nelson Mandela University. Through this process we have learned a great deal regarding the manufacturing process and requirements that go with this activity. We have also validated a rapid quality control test method for determining the alcohol content of finished hand sanitiser product.

InnoVenton has also received many requests for the supply of hand rub sanitiser to government departments, schools and the wider community. We have a limited production capacity and cannot possibly meet this demand, it is also not the mandate of a Technology Station to manufacture products but rather the Technology Station role is to support and enable industry sectors to establish manufacturing capacity and to provide technical support once established.

We have therefore compiled and offer a manufacturing assistance package to prospective manufacturers of alcohol based hand rub sanitiser that we will make available for a nominal fee of R250.00 to clients registered with InnoVenton DCTS. We will also provide further technical support services for hand rub sanitiser manufacture on request of clients where it falls within our scope, capability and capacity. We look forward to engaging further with you and assisting with the establishment of manufacturing capacity for alcohol based hand rub sanitiser.

Would you like to verify the Alcohol content (%) of your hand sanitiser and get it tested?  This offers quality assurance of your product to your customers, InnoVenton also offers this service. 



Contact information
Dr Gary Dugmore
Acting Director: InnoVenton
Tel: 27 41 504 3281

Mrs Louise Hamilton
Technical Manager
Tel: 041-5043953