Statistical techniques are an essential tool to reach objective conclusions in biology, pharmacy and medical science


Who should attend?

Medical researchers, students and staff involved with the analysis of data. Biostatistics is applied in disciplines such as public health, including epidemiology, nutrition and environmental health; design and analysis of clinical trials in medicine; genomics and population genetics; ecology and biological sequence analysis.

Why you should attend

Spreadsheet programs such as Excel make these techniques accessible for the non-mathematician. It is therefore not longer necessary to purchase expensive and user-unfriendly statistical packages to do statistical analysis as most statistical tests and calculations can now easily be performed by using widely available spreadsheets.

Prior learning requirements

A  relevant three year graduate or diploma qualification. Participants need to have a good working knowledge of Excel (copy, cut and paste; anchoring of cells; simple graphics; multiply, divide, add and subtract). No previous knowledge of inferential statistics is required.

Course objectives and structure

After completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Generate descriptive statistics
  • Create graphical displays
  • Manipulate and categorize data
  • Calculate confidence intervals for means and proportions
  • Perform test of significance such as t-tests and one way ANOVA
  • Obtain trend lines and perform a regression analysis
  • Perform tests of independence
  • Calculate relative risks and associated confidence intervals
  • Calculate odds ratios and associated confidence intervals

The course emphasis is on the interpretation of statistical results rather than on the calculation thereof.

Each participant will use his/her personal laptop, which should have the software MS Excel downloaded on it and will analyze real and relevant data sets under the guidance of the lecturer.  We recommend that the participant brings a memory stick so that she or he can download course material for later reference. 

The students are evaluated by completing a test on the work covered.

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