Understanding your data improves decision making.

Who should attend?

  • Scientists, engineers and technologists who want to analyze their data by using practical statistical methods available in Excel.

Prior learning requirements

A  relevant three year graduate or diploma qualification. Participants need to have a good working knowledge of Excel (copy, cut and paste; anchoring of cells; simple graphics; multiply, divide, add and subtract). No previous knowledge of inferential statistics is required.

Course learning outcomes

After completion of this course the student will have a working knowledge of the following:

  • Obtain summaries of a given data set (Descriptive statistics) and how to identify patterns or trends. Use Z-scores to identify outliers.
  • Perform inferential statistical analysis such as calculation of confidence intervals, t-tests, ANOVA, etc.
  • Perform simple and multiple regression analysis on given data and the validation and use of such regression models to define optimum conditions.
  • The need and application of an experimental design.

The course emphasis is on interpretation of computer output rather than on calculations.

Each participant will use her / his personal laptop, which should have the software MS Excel downloaded on it, and will analyse real and relevant data sets under the guidance of the lecturer. We recommend that the participant brings a memory stick so that he / she can download course material for later reference.

The students are evaluated by completing a test on the work covered.

To register

Register using the link below:


 For queries or more information contact Patience.Nyabasa@mandela.ac.za.