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InnoVenton and The Downstream Chemicals Technology Station

Our X Ray laboratory is able to offer XRF analysis for a wide variety of materials ranging from pharmaceutical, raw materials, fuels, construction materials etc...

We offer either full scans or individual or group element analysis according to your requirements. The XRF is often used in conjunction to get a full understanding of the substance under investigation.

XRF Testing Capabilities

  1. XRF (ED_XRAY) full scan (Standard method on system OMNIUM)
  2. XRF selected elements (Standard method on system OMNIUM)
  3. XRF: Pb, Cd, Cr, Hg, Ni, Cu, Fe (Substances of Concern)

XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence)

XRF is a wide ranging technique, allowing analysis of elements from Na to U, with concentrations from high % to low ppm, with high accuracy and reproducibility.

Our standard Omnium software offers a quick and standard less semi quantitative analysis of all the elements in a single scan.

XRF PANalytical



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Mrs Louise Hamilton
Technical Manager
Tel: 041-5043953