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InnoVenton and The Downstream Chemicals Technology Station

The InnoVenton Analytical facility is a unit within InnoVenton that serves industry, other research institutions and the public nationally and regionally, as well as supporting the R&D activities of the Institute. It is staffed by a graduate team of experts, each with specific capabilities in the techniques listed below, with access to academic and research staff, with wide fields of knowledge in chemical, material and microbiological science, and support for process and product development.

The purpose of InnoVenton Analytical is to provide a comprehensive series of chemical and material testing and analysis services.

Contact us
Mrs Louise Hamilton
Technical Manager
Tel: 041-5043245

InnoVenton Analytical specializes in the following areas:

  • Automotive Testing
  • Water and Effluent
  • Fuels (Diesel, Biofuels and Coal)
  • XRF and FTIR

Please Note: InnoVenton Analytical will be closed for testing from the Monday 18th December 2017 to Monday 8th January 2018.    

Proficiency Testing Schemes

InnoVenton Analytical participates in the following Proficiency Testing Schemes:

  • SABS drinking water inter-laboratory comparison
  • SABS MAP for fuels

Water and Effluent

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Automotive Component Testing

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Coal analyses

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XRF minilab

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Request for Analytical Testwork

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