The Coal testing laboratory at InnoVenton, which is a sub-division of a much more varied Fuels-Laboratory, offers an array of quantitative and/or semi-quantitative testing of, i.a., Anthracites, Ashes, Charcoals, Bituminous Coals (including Steam-coals), Wood-derived products as well as Pellets/Briquettes. 

Coal Analysis - Testing Capabilities

  • Proximate Analysis (including):
    • Residual Moisture
    • Volatile Matter
    • Ash Value
    • Calorific (Energy) Value
    • Expression of Coal Grade (e.g. “A/B/C” etc.)
    • Fixed Carbon Calculation
  •  X-Ray Fluorescence (including):
    • Major Elements
    • Minor Elements
    • Trace Elements: in the Ashed specimen.