Our Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) is able to offer analysis for a wide variety of materials ranging from automotive, plastics, pharmaceutical and raw materials with “fingerprint” accuracy.

FTIR with ATR accessory – ATR is the most widely used FTIR sampling tool, due to it allowing quick, accurate and reproducible analysis of liquid and solid samples, with little or no sample preparation.

Traditionally samples had to be diluted with IR transparent salts like KBr and pressed into discs, opaque polymer samples were very difficult to analyze.

Applications include the automotive, plastics, pharmaceutical and raw material sectors, for sample fingerprinting, comparison, material identification and unknown samples categorization.

The Bruker FTIR includes a comprehensive library, which includes solvents, polymers and pure compounds.

                     Bruker FTIR at InnoVenton

Spectroscopy Capabilities can be described as:

  • UV/Vis, Quantitative and Qualitative analysis
  • FTIR, Raw material fingerprinting