Statistics is a discipline which supports all other sciences.

It is essential to use data analysis to extract all information contained in any set of data.

InnoVenton offers various courses in data analysis which are designed to:

  • Obtain measures for precision and accuracy,
  • Obtain measures of repeatability and reproducibility,
  • Use graphical methods to visualize data,
  • Use objective methods to detect outliers,
  • Detect any significant trends in a set of data,
  • Establish whether different treatments, procedures, instruments, etc., produce significant different results,
  • Obtain a regression model which explains which factors in a formulation play a significant role and which factors, if any, interact with each other,
  • Use regression modeling to optimize formulations,
  • Provide experimental designs for any specialized applications.

All of the above can be achieved without specialist knowledge of mathematics or statistics. These courses concentrate on interpretation of computer output rather than on computation, which is done by a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

The courses are given in the form of a workshop format, where each participant will work under the guidance of the course presenter on real life case studies on his or her own computer.

Direct consultation on any of the above topics can also be supplied by InnoVenton. Alternatively, data sets provided by the client can be analyzed and interpreted.

Contact information
Mr Coos Bosma
Statistical Consultant and Analyst
Tel: 27 41 504 9902