In view of the significant sponsorship received from the DST through the TIA Trust, InnoVenton/DCTS has committed itself to develop a specific focus to provide such support to SME’s and SMME’s thereby contributing significantly to (a) Government strategies to revitalize the South African Chemical Industry, and (b) growth of opportunities for InnoVenton/DCTS and the Nelson Mandela University in establishing long term partnerships.

In view of its specific R&D focus in downstream chemical product and process development, InnoVenton/DCTS will strive to provide specific technology support in the areas of:

  • Product replacement
  • Product extension
  • Improving production flexibility
  • Reducing materials and energy consumption
  • Reducing production lead times
  • Reducing environmental impacts
  • Improving product quality
  • Improving working conditions/safety

About InnoVenton Technology

  • Problem solving services for Industry and SME’s (process and product problem solving)
  • Technical innovation support and project management
  • Transfer of technology from in-house innovations and the development of client innovations to pilot plant and commercialisation stage.

Infrastructure and Facilities: InnoVenton has built up several platforms to support its T&L and R&D activities. These are:

  • Multi-purpose pilot plant / kilo-lab facility
  • Small chemicals production platform (including several micro-structured reactor systems)
  • Fuel chemicals platform (including a well-equipped fuels analysis laboratory)
  • Analytical platform
  • Microalgae cultivation platform

These platforms support not only the T&L and R&D activities, but also form the basis of our technology support activities carried out within the TIA-sponsored “Downstream Chemicals Technology Station”, and form the basis for new commercially viable technology development.

InnoVenton’s external services include:

  • Technology support services (the provision of product and process development/improvement services to the downstream chemicals manufacturing sector, especially the SME and SMME sector)
  • Expert analytical services (the provision of analysis and testing services from a testing and analytical laboratory)
  • Technology demonstration (Kilo Lab) services (semi-technical production, scale-up, and economic evaluations of production processes)
  • Professional training services (provision of on-going professional training to the industry through short learning programs)