• An investigation of Eucitree as a plasticizer in automotive paint
  • The development of a wood preservative using Mosspar M
  • The formulation of a Geranium oil based Kitchen hard surface cleaner and disinfectant
  • The formulation of an Abrasive Cleaner for UV-Degraded Automotive Headlamps
  • The formulation of an Interior Varnish using Mosspar M
  • The development of a non-toxic anti-fouling boat coating using ispulegol as an active ingredient
  • The formulation of a geranium oil based sheen hair spray for African hair
  • Inulin- derived surfactant to be used in a shampoo formulation 
  • The development of a slow-releasing polymer formulation for various actives which can be applied in skin products
  • The development of a formulation to aid in the separation of ethnic braids from hair strands and to provide conditioning and protection for hair
  • The incorporation of an indigenous potato plant extract into a facial cream for treatment of acne and oily skin and with potential anti-ageing properties
  • Novel plasticizers based on natural alcohol esters
  • Optimization of existing fuel products and development of new fuel products including biofuels



Contact information
Dr Nicole Vorster
Senior lecturer and Formulation Science coordinator
Tel: 27 41 504 3599