Coalgae® Micro-scale Technical Demonstration Facility

Facility Objectives

To integrate all the unit operations required for the production of Coalgae® and to produce > 5 ton of Coalgae® product in an uninterrupted production run.

Facility Components

-Microalgae seed colony section (4,000 L Vertical Column PBR)
-Microalgae cultivation section (2 x 5,000 L racereactors, 4 x 15,000 L racereactors)
-Microalgae harvesting section (Settling dam – 15,000 L)
-Coal-microalgae mixing section (2 x 1,000 L mixing tanks)
-Coal handling section (Milling, screening, drying, pelletising)
-Utilities section (Back-up power, Coal burner for flue gas generation,
Rain water capturing and storage, Waste water treatment,
gas management system, liquid management system)