Natural and Renewable Resources

The use of natural and renewable raw materials for the commercial production of fuels and chemicals has become the attention of many researchers and research groups across the world. Currently, we live in a golden age, an era defined by products and resources derived and obtained from fossil fuels. However, as the impact of the use of these materials are becoming more real (e.g. global warming), the probability of shortages of fossil fuel stocks becoming more real (as indicated by spiraling fuel prices), attention is rapidly turning to natural and renewable raw materials to help overcome these issues.

Discovery Research

New product innovation can take one of two routes, namely by means of the introduction of new chemical entities into the market, or by introducing new applications for existing molecules. At InnoVenton/DCTS our focus is essentially on the latter, and we have explored and developed methodologies based on the use of advanced statistical methodologies to:

  • Identify and quantify the existence of synergism between chemical molecules for desired product applications, and
  • Identify and quantify the effect of promotion on synergistic mixtures of molecules to enhance product performance.