Aquaculture Project

Formulation and optimization of fish feed for Aqua-culture using an extract from agricultural waste as the anti – oxidant


To improve nutrition and feeding for sustainable Aqua-culture by developing aqua feed and feeding management practices to improve;

  • Growth
  • Development and,
  • Nutrition of Cultural aquatic organisms

Problem Statement

Aqua-culture is the fastest growing food production globally, in South Africa, its contribution remains low and as a result, a need has arisen to develop a local produced aqua feed for Tilapia fish using anti-oxidants to improve the growth, development and nutrition of these cultivated aquatic organisms.

The readily available formulated fish feeds are dependent on marine protein and as a result, there is a high risk of quality loss due to lipid oxidation in an aquaculture diet. The addition of an anti-oxidant is necessary to increase the storage stability and the nutritional value of Aqua feeds.


Feed formulation for Tilapia fish with an addition of an anti – oxidant can inhibit lipid oxidation.